Unschooling Instead

Unschooling Instead is basically a report about what Mandy and her children achieved in each subject in a year, using the relaxed unschooling method. The children were aged 4 and 3 at the time. The book includes around 4000 educational references to things they did, under the appropriate subject headings. It also includes about 50 photos/copies of the children's work. It may be particularly useful to:

(a) people starting out homeschooling;
(b) people who don't understand how unschooling can work;
(c) parents with preschoolers interested in homeschooling them; and
(d) people looking for a method of record-keeping.

The book costs $30 including postage and packaging and can be ordered directly from Mandy.


I read "Unschooling Instead" because I was interested in learning more about home education for our children. Mandy has put a great deal of effort and enthusiasm into this book. It is her record of all the learning activities that took place in one year of unschooling. Photos of the children's activities add interest and are a positive indication of how well they are doing. I was most impressed by the work they completed. It was inspiring to see how natural learning takes place in day-to-day activities which children actually enjoy!

Thank you, Mandy, for making this book available to other families. I am looking forward to implementing this type of learning in our own home and have gleaned some great ideas from "Unschooling Instead".

Tamara Hills

Beginning home education is always an adventure, but for those parents who adopt 'unschooling' as their approach it can be an intimidating exercise, with little in the way of documented evidence that unstructured activities provide a wealth of learning for children.

Not any more! Mandy Koedyk Tyler has compiled a comprehensive collection of records taken over her children's first home educating year. She lists well over 4,000 "educational achievements" - enough to impress even the most cynical observer!

This isn't a cosy tale of home education working well for one family. It is a condensed, referenced record of all of the education activities and achievements over one year. In essence it is a summary, a comprehensive report. It covers all of the traditional curriculum areas, plus many other areas.

Many readers may be daunted by the meticulous record keeping, and most will fail to emulate the fine detail. But that is not what this book is about! This book is here to encourage others that, regardless of whether you record or not, a wealth of learning comes from the everyday activities parents and children naturally engage in at home.

I particularly like this book for early childhood learning as it provides thousands of learning suggestions! With wonderful learning samples, illustrations and photographs, Mandy takes the reader into an intimate world of unschooling, as one family lives it!

Beverley Paine (Australia)

To order this book, email Posted by Mike Woods on February 11, 2002