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What is Unschooling?

There are as many different ways of defining unschooling as there are people doing it. Reading through what various people have to say about it may help you to a better understanding, or at least be interesting and make you think! By

Unschooling Undefined

Unschooling is a word coined by negating the idea of schooling; it starts off with a negative definition. What, specifically, is it about schools that unschoolers want to do without? By Eric Anderson

Can a Christian Be an Un-schooler?

"You know, John Holt was right. I don't know of anyone who homeschools more than two or three years without throwing their curriculum out the window and developing their own by following their kids' interests. What we need is a Christian John Holt." By Patrick Farenga

Posted by Mike Woods on February 13, 2002