What is Natural Learning? So what on earth is natural learning? Isn't all learning natural? What would you do different if you were following a natural learning approach? How can I pursue natural learning?
Posted by Mike Woods on 1 February 2002
Our Philosophy of Natural Learning So what does Natural Learning, Deschooling and Unschooling mean to us? What we believe, and how we ensure the education of our children. This article may evolve as our thinking changes! By Mike & Lynette Woods
Posted by Mike Woods on 10 February 2002
Investigating the Idea of Homeschooling by Mandy Tyler Things that surprise most people The first thing that surprises most people is that public schooling as we know it has only existed for about the last...
Posted by Mandy Tyler on 10 February 2002
The Top 20 Reasons to Homeschool A slightly 'tongue in cheek' view of why we homeschool.
Posted by Mike Woods on 11 February 2002
Readiness Years ago I read the book "Better Late Than Early" by Raymond and Dorothy Moore. I promised myself that I would never push my child. I would hold realistic expectations - not school dictated ones - and I would wait patiently for my child to flower in her own time. By Vicki Williams
Posted by Mike Woods on 11 February 2002
Articles on other websites Some really good articles on natural learning (unschooling) on other websites.
Posted by Mike Woods on 13 February 2002