Life Learning – The International Magazine of Self-directed Learning is a new, high quality, bimonthly subscription magazine dedicated to providing trustworthy, inspiring information and a forum for discussion about self-directed, life-based learning.

Explore how people learn – what helps and what hinders. Investigate ways to help kids learn (and what you can learn from them). Be inspired by other people’s life learning experiences. Discover a wealth of resources that encourage active learning.

Writers include well known authors from North America and abroad. They include John Taylor Gatto, Susannah Sheffer (former editor of the late Growing Without Schooling magazine), author Marty Layne, children’s entertainer Eric Nagler, author Jan Hunt, author and ALLPIE founder Katharine Houk, Zoe Redhead (principal of Summerhill School and daughter of founder AS Neill, as well as parents and self-educated young people.

Articles in the first two issues include:
· Learning From Life – What Does it Really Mean?
· How do I Explain Why My Kids Learn at Home?
· Trusting People (of all ages) to Learn
· College & the Self-Educated Student
· When I was Very Little I Would Bang on the Piano
· From Womb to World: Rethinking Self-Education
· Finding My Deschooling Path (by a 15-year-old)
· Guidance versus Manipulation in the Deschooling Family
· Learning Disability – A Rose by Another Name
· The Hidden Agenda of Teaching

Life Learning is published by Life Media, a 25-year-old consumer magazine and book publishing company. Its editor is Wendy Priesnitz, an award-winning journalist and author, parent of 28- and 30-year-old daughters who were deschooled, and one of North America’s deschooling pioneers (and consultant to John Holt when he was preparing to launch Growing Without Schooling magazine).

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